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New Private and Public Sector Investments for Affordable EVs2 min read

Apr 28, 2023 2 min
Investments for Affordable EVs

New Private and Public Sector Investments for Affordable EVs2 min read

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The current administration of President Joe Biden recently announced new public and commercial sector investments for affordable EVs. These commitments were made by various corporations and groups, aiming to expedite the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across the country. They intend to make electric vehicles more accessible to all Americans.

On the public sector side, federal agencies have started to purchase 13,000 zero-emission medium- and light-duty vehicles in FY23, with plans to shift their entire fleet to electric cars by 2035. By the next fiscal year, the agencies plan to install a further 24,000 EV charging facilities at federal buildings. To add to this, by 2030, the County of Los Angeles intends to increase multilingual access to its EV education platform and construct 10,000 EV chargers at county facilities.

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These agreements from the commercial and public sectors are part of the Biden administration’s larger efforts to cut carbon emissions and battle climate change. The United States can considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet its climate goals by boosting the use of electric automobiles.

Additionally, the private sector is investing significantly in affordable electric vehicles. Enel X Way, for instance, has pledged to sell more than 2 million EV chargers across North America by the year 2030, as well as over 10,000 public DC rapid EV charging stations, and will also be penetrating the EV public charging station markets in North America this year.

Finally, President Biden’s announcement of fresh private and public sector investments in affordable EVs is a significant step toward his administration’s ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The pledges made by these companies and organizations reflect their desire to take big steps toward a more sustainable future.

The move to electric vehicles is no longer a pipe dream; the momentum created by these investments will accelerate the inevitable transition to sustainable transport and mobility.


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