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Are 140k+ EV Charging Stations Enough for the US?2 min read

Feb 5, 2023 2 min
EV Charging Stations in the US

Are 140k+ EV Charging Stations Enough for the US?2 min read

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There are over 140,000 EV charging stations in the US, but research suggests that more are needed to meet demand. EV charging stations are the petrol station-equivalent for EV owners, which is why the government, auto manufacturers, and other parties want to give them more options.

EVs can be charged at home, but the developing network of Level 2 and 3 stations lets drivers travel without worrying about range. Most automakers provide smartphone apps that provide information on nearby charging stations in order to make it easier for drivers to find one.

S&P Global Mobility found that America has more than 140,000 charging stations. The report estimates 126,000 Level 2 and 20,431 DC fast charging stations nationwide. Despite these numbers, S&P Global Mobility expects the US will need to treble the present numbers by the end of 2025. But that is not enough – the automobile research organization says the present system must rise eight-fold by the end of the decade.

Many automakers plan to electrify their current vehicle lineups by 2030. Although that may encourage EV advocates, charging stations in the US must also be increased alongside – and there have been a few major strides in that regard. The US government released a plan for ultra-fast chargers in July to help EV drivers adjust. General Motors wants to add thousands more EV chargers to meet public connector demand. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its global high-power charging station network last week.

However, the energy system’s ability to charge more EVs without collapsing is an issue. Upgrading power cables and transformers may reduce grid overload-related power outages. Home smart chargers can help drivers, too. Smart chargers, meanwhile, can allow for scheduling. This will allow EVs to draw current in off-peak hours and simultaneously reduce driver tariffs. Smartphone apps can be used for monitoring.

EVs are environmentally-friendly, but automakers are adding bidirectional charging to select models to boost adoption. The Ford F-150 Lightning, for instance, can power a house for days during a blackout. Once publicly recharging EVs becomes as easy as filling a gas tank, more consumers will switch.

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