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Here’s How You Can Increase Parking ROI with QR Codes3 min read

Mar 18, 2023 2 min
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Here’s How You Can Increase Parking ROI with QR Codes3 min read

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Parking needs to be as fast and effortless as possible for operators to attract customers and make their business profitable. Operators can now increase parking ROI with QR codes to optimize the parking experience for both themselves and their customers.

QR codes can “speak” directly to the parking operator’s systems, tracking every session in the parking lot as well as enabling contactless payment by stored card details and one-touch payments.

Operators can also offer changeable demand-based pricing since a QR code sends prices to clients when they scan it, which allows them to maximize yield during high and low activity periods. QR code payments distinguish the client experience, increasing the parking lot’s ‘stickiness’ in terms of customer retention. Parking operators and attendants get greater real-time data regarding the quantity and location of parked cars, as well as the parking durations. This helps save time and increase parking volume, resulting in higher tips for attendants.

QR codes give quick, easy, contactless payment, which helps enhance the parking experience and build customer loyalty. They also supply real-time occupancy and transaction data to parking operators, allowing them to be the first option of customers and stand out from the throng. Thus, all in all, there are a number of faucets through which parking owners and operators can increase ROI with QR codes, making QR codes an excellent long-term investment.

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Get My Parking offers GMP QR, a QR-based, appless solution that makes parking contactless and lightning-fast. GMP QR has been launched in locations across Miami, Florida and has been incredibly successful, with over 1400 sessions completed through GMP QR in a single day.

Using the unique Pay as you Go technology, GMP QR enables people to pay for their parking session without having to download an app on their phones and completing a complex registration process.

The parker scans the QR code displayed at the lot to access a white-labeled web app. They can get started with just their phone number. After entering the estimated duration of their stay and their License Plate Number, the barriers open and the session starts.

Admins can keep track of the active parking sessions happening in their lot as well as their revenue data using the admin dashboard. They can also set up discounts, promo codes, and tariffs using this user-friendly portal. GMP QR is an operator-friendly solution, with deployments possible in under 30 minutes and an optional Enforcement API integration that handles overstays.

Once the session is nearing expiry, GMP QR sends reminders to their parkers via text and email. This message will contain a link that allows users to extend their session without having to return to the parking lot. The solution also sends invoices to the registered emails.

With the launch of products like GMP QR and Tap N Park, Get My Parking is set to revolutionize touchless parking as we know it, taking it one step further to make it app-less. If you would like to learn more about GMP’s innovative suite of products, schedule a demo or contact us at for more information!.