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How Important is Parking in the EU Green Deal?4 min read

Mar 10, 2023 3 min
Parking in the EU Green Deal

How Important is Parking in the EU Green Deal?4 min read

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The European Commission wrote the Green Book in 2010. However, it made no reference to parking’s importance to environmental sustainability. But it’s not up for debate that the parking industry is essential to the success of any mobility-related sustainability efforts.  During a period where urban space is at a premium, retrofitting existing buildings to meet the sustainability standards established by the EU Green Deal has become more crucial than ever. It is safe to assume that the parking industry will have a central role to play if any sustainability initiatives pertaining to the mobility sector are to bear fruit.

The Role of Parking in Achieving the EU Green Deal Objectives

The parking industry is among the major streams of revenue for both local businesses and administrations, promoting economic activities and providing access to a wide range of needs. Garages can serve as urban nodes, supporting not just convenient parking and swift transportation but also the distribution of goods ordered online.

Smart parking-management tech can help with this, whether the building in question is a pure parking facility or serves several purposes, by allowing for more effective use of available space, reduced congestion, and a shorter amount of time spent on the hunt for a parking spot. All of these work to minimize the number of on-road cars and, by extension, reduce pollution.

Digital innovations in number plate recognition, dynamic parking, and advanced booking facilities have been sparked in part by the parking platform, providing an extra layer of improved user experience and attracting more consumers for parking owners.

All in all, the parking industry’s shift toward electric and shared mobility cannot occur without the concomitant digital revolution.

Digitization and Electrification Go Hand-in-Hand

After a decade of gradual growth, interest in EVs has increased rapidly in recent years. This consumer shift toward EVs can be ascribed to subsidies and incentives that make them more accessible, as well as rising fuel prices and heightened public awareness of climate change.

There are several positive outcomes associated with electrification, including less reliance on oil, lower emissions, better air quality, and the creation of new jobs that contribute to economic expansion. These advantages, however, also present new commercial challenges and opportunities for parking lot and parking garage owners and operators.

Expanding the use of electricity depends critically on ease of access. Therefore, it is recommended that parking lots serve as charging stations and platforms for shared transportation.

Parking services for EVs should include energy-efficient lighting, environmentally friendly designs, and PV storage systems, all of which contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions.

It’s important to have artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, platform-managing resources, and parking applications all work together to give users a positive experience. We must also address the kinds of policy shifts that will be required if we are to realize the goals of electrification, digitalization, and the establishment of mobility hubs.

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Wrapping Up

Even though parking has a poor reputation in public policy and urban planning, its importance to long-term viability cannot be overlooked anymore. Coordination between cities and parking lot managers is essential for a smooth transition. The importance of parking in manifesting the objectives of the EU Green Deal was a central theme at this year’s EPA Congress.

Making electric vehicle charging stations a requirement in new development and encouraging their use in current private parking lots is crucial. Local governments can work with parking operators to install charging stations in preexisting garages and parking lots.

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