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Safety at EV charging stations2 min read

Feb 10, 2023 2 min
safety at ev charging stations

Safety at EV charging stations2 min read

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Heycar, a service that helps users sell and buy used EVs, is advocating for the establishment of minimal personal safety requirements at EV charging stations.

Their numbers reveal how important it is to prioritize safety in the EV charging environment. According to a survey, 87 percent of a sample of 817 public electric vehicle charging outlets in the United Kingdom do not have a dedicated light directly above the charge point.

While these findings may be disappointing, they are far from surprising. A large number of EV drivers – women, in particular – feel unsafe about using public charging points.

While charging network operators are prioritizing the safety issue, a lot more work needs to be done in this regard.

At charging points, there is a possibility that women will be harassed or, even worse, physically attacked – a risk that many women face.

About 83.3 percent of drivers report feeling insecure while charging their electric cars, while 88.5 percent opt not to utilize a charge point because they feel that the safety measures are inadequate.

The initiative has the support of Fastned, a company that is currently constructing a network of fast charging stations around Europe, including in the UK. Women are apprehensive about having to use charging stations late at night, particularly in regions that are gloomy, poorly-lit, lack shelter, and are relatively isolated. Many people sense being “stuck” within their automobiles while they are charging, particularly while using stations located in areas without any nearby basic utilities.

The researchers at Keele University also pointed out that a woman with disabilities could be “doubly susceptible” if she were to charge her device in a place that lacked adequate lighting.

EV charging stations’ safety measures are also heavily influenced by local authorities and the charge point facilities’ landlords. Standards need to be established, and with so many parties involved, government involvement is necessary.

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