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How Do You Build a Parking App?2 min read

Oct 21, 2022 2 min

How Do You Build a Parking App?2 min read

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With a rise in vehicles on the road, parking spaces have become prized possessions. Research shows that 8% to 74% of road traffic is due to drivers looking for suitable parking spots. This has become an increasing concern, especially in big cities. But that’s not all.

Motorists in the U.S. expend an average of $345 in lost time and fuel yearly looking for parking. When countries want to adopt a green economy mandate, there is a need for smart parking to reduce the time and money drivers spend looking for parking and overpaying for the limited parking slots, respectively.

Growth in Parking Apps

The current condition has led many motorists to switch to convenient parking apps that save valuable time and fuel. It is predicted that the global parking app market will rise to almost $7 billion in 2023. Users want to ditch the hassle of cruising around to find parking. They prefer parking online, with a click of a button, rather than using physical tickets and paying cash.

How To Build A Parking App?

Operators can increase their profits by switching to smart parking and launching their own parking app.

There are 3 parking app development ideas you can consider:

  • Develop an app from scratch, but without knowledge and experience, it may take a long time
  • Collaborate with an existing parking platform to add your parking lot to their network, but with restricted autonomy
  • Launch a custom-branded parking app, like the one provided by Get My Parking (GMP)
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All You Need to Know About GMP App

GMP App helps operators offer a streamlined, app-backed parking experience.

Create a parking app tailored to your brand, using your choice of logo, colors, and features. Using GMP instead of starting from scratch will save you time and money, and we all know that with the increasing influx of parking apps, time is of the essence!

Your customers can find parking, create and manage sessions, and pay online for a convenient and hands-on parking experience.


  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Easy integration with your existing hardware
  • Cross-platform app – iOS/Android/Web
  • Enables ticketless access
  • Cashless payments for parking and VAS
  • On-demand API integrations