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Here’s why your parking lot needs app-less QR payments.3 min read

Sep 1, 2022 2 min
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Here’s why your parking lot needs app-less QR payments.3 min read

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From Park-O-Meters to PnD machines, parking payment has undergone a lot of change.  However, parkers in a post-pandemic, tech-driven world need a hands-on experience in car parks, complete with touchless access, online reservations, and payment. This is where app-less QR payments come into the picture.

Here’s why app-less QR Payments are the best way to go digital

Most operators these days offer a smart parking mobile app to cater to this demand. However, not all customers look forward to downloading a whole new app just for parking. They’ll also take time to set it up and get used to it.

QR-based payment systems allow parkers to enjoy all the perks of a quick smart parking experience without a dedicated app. With solutions like GMP QR, parkers can scan, park and pay from the comforts of their phone browsers.

Here’s why switching to app-less, QR code parking can boost your business:

  • Quick and cashless payments

A long queue of frustrated drivers waiting to pay for parking can quickly escalate into a heated feud. A lightning-fast, user-friendly QR payment system can help you avoid it.

  • Easy to Set Up

A QR payment solution eliminates the need for ticket kiosks or parking apps. It’s also really easy to set up – just place the QR code at the entry and exit points. This way customers can scan the code and pay on the go.

  • Increased revenue

Setting up a quick and comfortable parking experience will help you attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. QR parking systems help you create a strong customer base of transient parkers, resulting in increased revenue.

  • Budget-friendly

Since parkers can pay online without human assistance, parking lots will require less manpower to operate, which will help them cut costs. QR codes also optimize payment collection by eliminating the risk attached to cash payments, like encountering counterfeit currency, accidental short-changing, etc.

  • Increased website/app traffic

If you have a website or app that facilitates online bookings or lists down the parking rules for your space, you can easily divert traffic to it with a QR code. A website URL or app store QR code will redirect customers to these platforms with a simple scan. They can use this to pre-book a parking space or extend their booking.

The future of QR codes in parking

From receiving payments to promoting their products, all kinds of businesses are adopting QR codes. As parking lot owners have shifted their focus from physical tickets to apps, the trend is now moving towards QR-based payments.

With QR codes, parking lot owners can easily streamline their services and increase revenue while providing a satisfying experience to their transient parkers.

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Meet GMP QR!

GMP QR is a completely app-less, browser-based payment solution that allows parkers to get started with just their phone number. Parkers can scan a QR to pay through a custom-branded web app that supports multiple payment methods.

With GDPR-compliant data infrastructure and 24/7 customer support, GMP QR is the fastest way to set up touchless access and payment in your parking lot. Take a look at our complete suite of smart parking solutions!