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How does the ANPR system work?2 min read

Aug 31, 2022 2 min
ANPR system

How does the ANPR system work?2 min read

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The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is a sophisticated technology capable of capturing and reading registered number plates in less than a second. Let’s take a look at how ANPR or LPR parking works in brief before we dive deeper into the technicalities:

  • An ANPR camera unit captures the vehicle’s number plate image or records a video
  • A computer unit extracts information from the recorded image using image processing algorithms
  • Lastly, the plate number is recognized, and the data is stored in a centralized database

As a smart parking management tool, the ANPR system is used to automate entry and exit points so that only authorized vehicles are allowed entry. It also captures the entry and exit time of the vehicle as well as its parking spot

ANPR can cut down lines at access points, creating a swift traffic flow without any human intervention. It also removes the need for a ticketing system or manual time tracking.

In case of accidents, disputes, or theft, the spot recordings can double up as evidence for quick resolutions. This lessens the hassles for parking lot operators and users alike, as every vehicle parked in the facility is accounted for.

Key components of LPR parking system

Most ANPR-based parking management systems have the following core components:

  • ANPR Cameras

The ANPR cameras are primarily designed for surveillance. For example, they can capture the license plate of a speeding vehicle and provide a legible image. This is made possible through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and infrared illumination technology. The collected data is stored in a database, usually cloud-based, for verification and surveillance purposes.

  • ANPR Software

ANPR software is responsible for the analytics of the captured license plate images. It reads, records, and matches the number plates against a data pool. It uses advanced image processing to read the captured number plates in real-time, identify the vehicle’s location, and extract driver details.

There are several types of ANPR software available in the market.

Most of these solutions come in bundles so that the operator can digitize the entire parking process from end-to-end. For example, Get My Parking’s suite of Plug-N-Play parking solutions comes with a custom-branded parking app, a powerful dashboard for remote administration, and retrofits seamlessly with any access equipment.

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To sum up

With ANPR systems, parking lot managers can automate various manual processes. From authorizing entry to automating ticket payments, they can improve access control, offer comprehensive surveillance, and enhance the customer experience.