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Why We Need Solar Energy Parking Lots2 min read

Jul 1, 2019 2 min

Why We Need Solar Energy Parking Lots2 min read

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The growing popularity of solar energy is undeniable and when it comes to their most ideal application, parking lots emerge as a strong contender. Across the world, businesses are building solar energy parking lots that offer consumers a host of benefits while resulting in significant cost savings for facility owners. Let’s take a look at some of the prime advantages of solar energy parking lots.

solar energy parking lots

Optimal space usage

Most parking lots are big, empty stretches of land. While the primary purpose is to safeguard cars, they remain unoccupied for the most part. A solar canopy installed over a parking lot acts as a power source without taking up the space allotted for cars. This means that even when the lot is empty, it’s put to good use without setting aside additional land.


Imagine you go shopping, get some lunch and return to the car, only to be welcomed by a blast of hot air. While you were making merry inside the mall, your car was busy turning into a furnace. Solar canopies offer shade, blocking your vehicle from sunlight, rain or snow, even as they produce power.

Cost savings

A major operational expense for parking businesses is electricity. Solar power effectively reduces the electricity bills for your facility, especially when government incentives reduce the initial installation cost. Moreover, several tax breaks are offered to businesses that invest in solar energy, reducing costs and increasing ROI.

Electric charging slots can act as an incentive for customers to come shop at your business. The parking lot lights can be charged using this green energy as well. What’s more, solar panels can be oriented to maximize energy collection as opposed to its rooftop counterparts, which have the possibility of being blocked by chimneys, skylights or vents. Thus, more electricity means more savings.

Solar is the way to go for businesses

Because solar power generation peaks on the hottest days when demand for power is the highest, solar panels reduce power demand, producing clean energy and preventing overload on transmission networks.

Facility owners can enjoy a host of business benefits and improved profitability with solar energy. Apart from the obvious cost savings, solar energy also receives state subsidies. Attracting customers is also easier with energy-producing covered parking as opposed to an overheated one that offers no protection. Moreover, a business that participates in producing clean energy is more likely to earn customer goodwill and make a significant impact on its bottom-line.