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Why We Need Parking Management Systems2 min read

Mar 13, 2019 2 min
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Why We Need Parking Management Systems2 min read

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Without technology, parking spaces often suffer from a lack of management, coordination, and foresight. Dedicated parking management systems reduce the need for human intervention in routine procedures and streamline the entire process to ensure speed, accuracy and quick turnover. These benefits extend over the entire supply chain – they cover parking lot owners, government authorities and end users as well.

Parking Management Systems

Here is why parking management systems are a godsend for urban areas:

1. Cost-Effective

Parking management systems lower the need for manpower in a facility. A skeletal but well-trained staff can run the entire operations, aided by technology. With the latest access and detection hardware, vehicles are allowed entry or exit without delay. In addition, facilities such as ventilation and lighting can be remotely controlled to optimize use. In this way, such systems increase the cost-effectiveness of the entire operation and prevent errors and waste due to the human element.

2. Space Optimization

The reason a parking business is so lucrative is that parking space is a limited resource. A business should be able to utilize all the available parking space at its disposal and to be flexible in managing the space. A parking management system gives a 360-degree view of the facility to managers, allowing them to direct motorists to available spaces quickly and more efficiently than is possible manually. In this way, space that hitherto lay unused or undiscovered is optimized.

3. Ease of Use

A properly structured, integrated and organized system will be simple to use and to train staff in its usage. A user-friendly system ensures that the cost of training remains minimal. Using a parking management system to control and regulate the flow of traffic into, within and out of the parking lot trumps handling each customer individually. The saved time and costs eventually reflect positively on the profit margins.

Moreover, modern parking management systems require little to no maintenance apart from the odd system upgrade. Even if complications develop, they are usually simple to resolve.

4. Safety

Parking facilities have to focus on security and privacy. With a management system, owners can ensure authorized entry or exit of vehicles, eliminating the risk of stolen, damaged, vandalized cars. Parking management systems can also be adapted to include the latest security features.

5. A Sound Investment

Modern parking management systems have technology integrated at every level of operation. This superior technology is constantly updated with innovations and improved models so that the parking function becomes cost-effective while exhibiting improved functionality. Another major advantage is the option of customizing the parking management system to suit both usage purpose and requirement. For example, the parking needs of commercial properties will differ from residential ones.

Parking systems save energy, time and cost. They allow a business to take strategic decisions by providing the option to upgrade or downgrade services provided. The technology they implement allows ever improving coordination, operation, and regulation of the business.