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Has Urban India Forgotten the Need for Parking Spaces?3 min read

Mar 7, 2019 3 min

Has Urban India Forgotten the Need for Parking Spaces?3 min read

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How often do you end up canceling plans due to the scare of not finding a parking space for your car? In our cities, the increase in the number of vehicles on the road has not seen a proportional increase in the number of parking spaces.

The question to ask then is, has urban India really forgotten the need for parking spaces?

Parking Spaces in India

Urbanization is not a choice. Indian cities will inevitably urbanize resulting in a better standard of living of its dwellers. Along with it comes a growing use of materialistic items, one of them being the four-wheeler.

How often do you see yourself driving around looking for a parking space? But city development authorities seem to have forgotten the significance of efficient parking lots. Though, they surely cannot and should not neglect the demand for parking spaces.

The messy parking ecosystem in Indian cities attracts a whole lot of problems:-

Wastage of Time

People lose almost twenty minutes per drive searching for a parking spot. In a fast-paced world, where every minute is valuable, wasting time searching for parking spaces is unacceptable. This wastage can be omitted by an increase in systematic availability of parking areas in the city.

Space Crunch

Cities today are congested but the irony is, they are the most desired places to live in. The shortage of available parking space increases the instances of unorganized on-street parking which blocks the on-going traffic, thereby contributing to traffic congestion. The space crunch in cities calls for optimal usage of existing space which could lead to overall sustainable development of the cities.

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Causes Pollution

Along with wasting twenty minutes on each drive, the vehicular emissions which add to the air pollution in the cities is another issue. When efforts are being made worldwide to increase the liveability in cities, pollution caused by vehicles looking for parking spots is objectionable and needs to be lessened.

Decrease in Revenue

A large amount of revenue derived from the provision of parking spots in the city is lost due to improper planning and execution of parking facilities. This is because it increases the number of unpaid parking tickets if not manned properly. If the increased demand for parking is fulfilled with a provision of parking lots in a systematic manner, an increase in revenue by 20-30% is a definite result.

Absence of Automation

The parking spaces across Indian cities are manually managed which affect their efficiency in case of absence of the in-charge authority. This increases the instances of violations. If the parking areas are automated, it would greatly increase the efficiency in managing the parking spaces. Swift and cashless payments will also save time which is otherwise wasted at entry points.


What urban India needs today is not just parking but smart parking and strict enforcement. It has the solution to all the above-mentioned problems. Smart Parking enables the driver to reserve a parking spot even before starting the trip. All you have to do is locate your destination on the map, check and book the available parking spot and you can have a spot for your car at the end of the trip.

Smart Parking brings down instances of vehicular emissions and pollution as the time wasted in searching for a parking space is omitted. It leads to optimal utilization of existing and new spaces. It also brings down the instances of parking violations as it allows for electronic and cashless payments.

Urban India needs a solution to its problem and Smart Parking is here to help. Cities do not have the option to neglect the demand for parking space as it is escalating. So, to complement the smart city in the making, smart parking is the perfect solution for your parking woes.