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GMP’s Tap and Park: Revolutionizing Ticketless Parking2 min read

Mar 29, 2024 2 min
Tap and Park

GMP’s Tap and Park: Revolutionizing Ticketless Parking2 min read

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Parking just got a whole lot easier with the latest addition to Get My Parking’s versatile parking management suite  – Tap and Park. Your parkers can now effortlessly glide into your parking facility without the hassle of apps or tickets. With Tap and Park, it’s as simple as a tap of their card.

Tap and Park

Gone are the days of fumbling for tickets or waiting in line at payment kiosks. With Tap and Park, users can enter and exit the parking facility by tapping their card at the gate. No app downloads, no tickets to keep track of. The tapped card will be charged automatically! It’s parking made effortless. 

Digitizing your parking locations with technology like Tap and Park lets you unlock additional revenue streams through convenience fees, which will earn you back the cost of the upgrade in no time. With Get My Parking, you become a Merchant on Record, receiving real-time credits to your bank account for each transaction we process.

Additionally, Get My Parking’s Plug-N-Play equipment retrofits with any legacy hardware, making the upgrade pocket-friendly and good for the planet! The solution also comes with white-labeled, ready-made signages that can be placed across your locations to make sure your customers are informed and instructed about the new system. This makes setup super-fast and hassle-free.

The GMP suite integrates seamlessly with your enforcement tools making sure that the switch to a new system does not interfere with your management. Get My Parking’s analytics and reports tool can aid your reinforcement teams to stay up to date on everything happening in your parking lots.

Say goodbye to parking headaches and hello to effortless convenience with Tap and Park. If you’re a parking operator looking to enhance customer experience by going ticketless and touchless, Tap and Park is here to revolutionize the way your customers park.

Join us in embracing the future of parking – where simplicity meets innovation, and convenience is just a tap away.

Take a look at our complete suite of smart parking services designed to help operators go digital while taking it easy on their budgets. Schedule a demo today or contact us at to learn more about how we can help you get new customers and boost your revenue.

About Get My Parking (GMP)

Founded in 2015, GMP is an award-winning startup that has grown to a team of 150+ members across five continents. It provides essential technology to parking operators – white-label parking apps, an IoT gate kit to retrofit old parking gates for modern capabilities, and an interoperable cloud platform that enables centralized and digital operations across a network of parking lots. The startup is spearheading new trends like EV charging, connected cars, and shared mobility hubs on the parking real estate with Plug-N-Play API integrations. The GMP platform has been deployed across 3000 parking lots across the world and has processed more than 100 million transactions till date.