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Innovative Parking Structures That Will Amaze You2 min read

Oct 29, 2018 3 min

Innovative Parking Structures That Will Amaze You2 min read

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From incredible designs to optimizing usage through creative thinking, new-age parking structures have it all. Never really viewed as a testament to innovative thinking, parking lots are moving away from old, generic structures. If you thought parking lots couldn’t be cool, you’re wrong.

Innovative Parking Structures

Here are some of the most innovative parking structures from across the globe that will amaze you.

1) Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking, Australia

Designed by American artist Ned Kahn, this eight-story car park is made up of 118,000 suspended aluminum panels which appear to be rippling when the wind hits them. The breath-taking design provides natural ventilation for the interior of the structure.

 Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking


2) Victoria Gate Multi Storey, UK

Taking inspiration from the city’s history, this architectural masterpiece can be found at the Leeds’ Victoria Gate shopping centre with a total of 803 parking spaces available. It was the winner of the 2018 British Parking Awards ‘Best Car Park’ in the UK.

Victoria Gate Multi Storey, UK


 3) Garagenatelier Car Park, Switzerland

A product of the Swiss Company, Peter Kunz Architects, these five concrete cubes can accommodate up to eight vehicles. The solid enclosures are embedded in the landscape, only partially revealed through the sloping terrain. The structural material frames a glass pane within the surface of which inscriptions by artist Oliver Kühn depict the relationship between automobile and man.

Garagenatelier Car Park, Switzerland


4) Autostadt Car Parks, Germany

These looming twin glass silos structures stand 200 feet tall and are used exclusively for storing new Volkswagen cars. Each of the automated stacks has the capacity to hold up to 400 vehicles. The car park made it to the 2014 Guinness World Records, its vehicle transport technology being recognized as the ‘Fastest Automatic Parking System in the World’ in the category of ‘Extraordinary Elevators’.

Autostadt Car Parks, Germany


5) Herma Parking Building, South Korea

With its sleek and contemporary design, this parking structure symbolizes the essence of minimalism combined with high-tech. Designed by JOHO Architecture, this building steals the show with its cutting edge design. It is said to have employed 600 polycarbonate and 900 stainless steel panels while crafting its unique exterior.

Herma Parking Building, South Korea


6) Eureka Car Park, Melbourne

Designed by Alex Peemoeller, this parking garage takes color-coding to a whole new level, with a vivid atmosphere and different colored lines guiding you to different exits. This structure speaks heaps about having fun with graphics and transforming the journey through the cavern into a colorful one.

Innovative Parking Structures


7) RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam

With a capacity of 1,000 cars, the building is also used for conventions and exhibitions. Its unusual helix-shaped entrance and exit are lined with 30-meter spiraling ramps with blue LEDs.

RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam


8) 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Space, Miami

This parking garage is the epitome of stylish modern design. It can house up to 300 cars and is made using concrete and glass. The terrace overlooks a restaurant and has a lovely ocean view.

Innovative Parking Structures

We hope you’re amazed by reading about the Innovative Parking Structures.