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The fastest way to park, powered by GMP AI.2 min read

Nov 13, 2023 2 min

The fastest way to park, powered by GMP AI.2 min read

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With GMP’s AI-assisted, license plate matching technology, parking is fast, easy, and pretty much perfect!

Parkers drive in and out, the gates open automatically and the payments are assured, thanks to the AI tools making sure every license plate is read and matched at entry and exit. No more cars queuing up in lanes.

Cameras read the plate at the entrance

Gates open in a split second, session starts.

Scan a QR code inside to add a card on a web app

Registered app users can skip this step

Cameras read the plate on their way out

Sessions close automatically when the parker exits

Add validations and track sessions online

Retail validations that parkers can scan to avail

Automatic, accurate payments ensured by AI

Every minute of the parking session is billed

Works for all kinds of car parkers

Set up superfast entry for walk-ins, permit-holders, and guests.

All Get My Parking products are white-labeled and tailor-made to suit your brand. You can also get detailed reports on every transaction and session at your fingertips with our powerful data management tools, built for parking. 

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