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The fastest way to set up payments for EV Charging Stations3 min read

Nov 8, 2023 2 min
payments for EV Charging Stations

The fastest way to set up payments for EV Charging Stations3 min read

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With GMP EV, operators with EV Charging stations in their car parks can offer online tracking and payments for their EV charging sessions. GMP solutions help operators digitize their parking lots and offer their services through a white-label parking app.

Set up cashless payments for your EV Charging stations

With GMP, you can launch a white-labeled app through which your customers can find and pay for parking and other value-added services you offer. The parking app streamlines the interaction between charging point operators, e-mobility service providers, and consumers.

Locations with EV charging stations pop up on the consumer app with unique thunderbolt icons that distinguish them from normal parking spots so that users can easily identify them. On selecting the parking, users can view details about the car park and its EV charging services.

Customize how you charge your customers

You can offer EV charging as a stand-alone value-added service where the parker has to pay only for their charging session, or as an add-on to parking sessions, where the customer has to pay for both parking and charging.

In the first case, the user will only have to pay for the electricity consumed during the charging period. In the latter case, the user has to pay fairly for the parking session in addition to the electricity consumed. The smart parking management system will calculate the cost of the parking session and the cost of EV charging separately.


After navigating to the parking lot, users can scan the QR code present on the charging station to get started with their session or select the charging station manually from the app.

The app provides more information about the charging station, the selected plug, and the charging rates. After verifying everything, users can plug the charger into the vehicle to start charging

Lightning-fast payments, easy invoices

Users can stop the charging session through the consumer app or by removing the charging plug from their vehicles. Pay online using the parking app using any card. The invoice sent to the user’s registered email address will contain separate receipts for the parking session and the charging session, which is useful in countries where citizens can avail of tax exemption for promoting green initiatives and clean transportation.

Backed by a powerful admin portal

Track the VAS sessions in your locations in real-time through our centralized admin portal, which displays details like the amount of energy consumed during each charging session. Every EV charging session will have a unique VAS session ID using which customer service admins can track down a particular session if a customer has raised a complaint that requires monetary resolution.

OCPI-compliant EV charging

Get My Parking has integrated with multiple EV suppliers like eWays, Siemens, and Chargenode to create an EV charging experience that can be deployed quickly in any corner of the world. We have also implemented the OCPI protocol, which facilitates automated roaming for EV drivers across several charging networks, optimizing our solutions for operators who have car parks in multiple countries.

When you promote the usage of EV charging stations, you promote a sustainable future where we depend less on fossil fuels for transport.

Take a look at our complete suite of smart parking services and GMP EV, designed to help operators transform their car parks into mobility hubs that encourage clean energy solutions like EVs. Schedule a demo or contact us at