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Offer more than just a monthly – here’s how to upgrade your parking permits2 min read

Aug 23, 2023 2 min
Upgrade your parking permits

Offer more than just a monthly – here’s how to upgrade your parking permits2 min read

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With parkers seeking easy-to-use long-term parking options, digital permits are on the rise across the industry. At Get My Parking, we saw a 45% increase in digital permit adoption with GMP Permit in 2022, an online permit management system that lets operators sell flexible monthlies on a white-labeled web app. Let’s read how you can upgrade your parking permits with GMP Permit.

Upgrade your parking permits

As a customized end-to-end solution that is easy to use and deploy, GMP Permit can support parking lots and PARCS of all sizes, enabling digital credentials with RFID and LPR allocation. Get My Parking’s Plug & Play technology integrates with the operator’s existing ecosystem with open APIs, reducing the admin’s efforts drastically.

With a one-time, effortless onboarding process and a single credential for consumers that works across the parking ecosystem, the solution makes the entire parking process streamlined and touchless.

The consumer-facing web app can be customized to fit the operator’s brand and will help more customers find the permit business. The intuitive cross-platform app enables customers to easily find information about surrounding permits and car parks. The solution also helps operators offer support to customers and employees alike.

Get My Parking’s platform has security and compliance at its core, with a cloud-encrypted data infrastructure that is GDPR-compliant and approved by KPMG. Access to various modules on the admin dashboard can be granted hierarchically at a company level, making it easier for operators to define roles within their company.

GMP Permit is live in locations across the US and Europe, along with other products from Get My Parking’s range of interoperable cloud-based parking management software. “GMP Permit proves how effortless automated monthly permit management can be. We reduce costs and save time while improving revenue collection”, remarked a parking operator from the US. GMP Permit’s popularity brings Get My Parking closer to its goal of digitizing the parking industry on a global level.

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