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Tesla Acquires Wireless EV Charging Start-up, Intriguing EV Buyers in the US2 min read

Aug 17, 2023 2 min
Wireless EV Charging

Tesla Acquires Wireless EV Charging Start-up, Intriguing EV Buyers in the US2 min read

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Tesla has officially acquired Wiferion, a wireless charging startup based in Germany. This acquisition aligns with Tesla’s plans to introduce its wireless charging system, an exciting news for EV buyers in the US.

Earlier this year, it was revealed through official company documents that Tesla was the front-runner to acquire Wiferion, a German startup recognized for its inductive charging technology catering to industrial robots and electric vehicles.

Subsequent to these reports, multiple German media outlets have now confirmed that Tesla’s acquisition of Wiferion has been finalized.

While the exact financial details of the deal have not been officially disclosed, earlier estimates indicated a substantial amount, likely ranging between $50 million and $100 million.

This strategic move might have appeared unexpected from Tesla about a year ago, as the company hadn’t displayed any previous inclination towards wireless charging technology.

Wireless EV charging addresses a relatively minor inconvenience – the act of physically plugging in the car for charging, which is neither overly complex nor time-intensive. Nevertheless, Tesla has previously mentioned its interest in automating this process in preparation for self-driving technology. Envisioning a scenario where vehicles are autonomous, it logically follows that they should be capable of self-charging without necessitating human intervention for the plugging-in task.

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