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How to Get Your Car Ready for Long-Term Airport Parking2 min read

Jun 28, 2023 2 min
Long-Term Airport Parking

How to Get Your Car Ready for Long-Term Airport Parking2 min read

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Getting your car ready to go into storage before it is placed in long-term airport parking will make sure that it’s safe and in optimal shape when you come back to it.

Here are some essential tips in this regard:

  • Clean and De-Clutter

Make sure to clean your vehicle inside and out before your trip to the airport. Remove any unnecessary objects from the car, including valuables, to reduce the chance of theft and to create a tidy and ordered space.

  • Check Fluid Levels 

Check and re-fill important fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. This helps to maintain the vehicle’s performance and preserves critical components during periods of inactivity.

  • Inflate Tires

Tires should be inflated to the recommended pressure. This prevents flat areas and uneven wear during the extended stationary period.

Consider adding a few additional pounds of pressure to account for any gradual loss that may occur over time.

  • Consider Fuel Stabilizer

If you expect to leave your vehicle parked for an extended duration, consider adding a gasoline stabilizer to the gas tank.

This prevents the petroleum from degrading and potentially causing engine problems when you use the car upon your return.

  • Maintain Battery Health

To avoid returning to a dead battery, either disconnect it or use a battery maintainer to keep it charged.

You can also ask a trusted friend or family member to start the vehicle on a regular basis to keep the battery charged.

  • Protect the Exterior

Apply a protective coating or wax to the exterior of the vehicle in order to protect it from dust, debris, and elements.

This adds an extra layer of protection against potential damage and helps preserve the integrity of the paintwork.

  • Use a Car Cover

If you have one, use a breathable car cover to protect the vehicle from dust, dirt, and possible damage.

Ensure the cover is properly secured and fitted to prevent fluttering or movement that could cause paintwork damage.

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