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Seattle Launches New Climate-Friendly Curbside Plan2 min read

May 10, 2023 2 min
Climate-Friendly Curbside Plan

Seattle Launches New Climate-Friendly Curbside Plan2 min read

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With the introduction of its Climate-Friendly Curbside Plan, Seattle has established lofty targets to deal with climate catastrophe. One of the plan’s key goals is to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and freight items in the city.

Almost all commercial deliveries in Seattle are made using diesel- or gas-powered trucks and vans, which contributes to lower air quality, safety concerns, and congestion.

Seattle has teamed with Walker Consultants and C40 Cities to perform a study evaluating ways to develop zero-emission load zones and implement e-cargo bike deliveries to meet its goal of 30% zero-emission delivery for all commercial items by 2030. The study identified policy, administrative, and engagement concerns for implementation, such as stakeholder outreach, research, peer city interviews, and data gathering.

The business community in Seattle is eager to shift toward zero-emission alternatives but might need the city to assist in this regard. The study highlighted recommendations based on lessons learned from programs conducted in five peer cities, neighborhood business needs, and Seattle’s current policy structures.

Liaison with Seattle-based businesses to promote fleet electrification and right-sizing, develop new load zone standards while exploring new load zone types, research Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone permit structures that facilitate EV transitions, launch an E-Cargo Commercial Bike Program, facilitate the creation of zero-emission delivery hubs, and seek funding for launching a pilot small-medium e-cargo business program are part of the recommendations.

These initiatives will be implemented over a multi-year period to ensure that local businesses and private sector collaborators are supported during the transition. Within the emerging Seattle Transportation proposal Curbside Element and Seattle’s Climate Emergency Response Framework (CERF), the proposal also incorporates additional urban products and paid parking alternatives.

Overall, Seattle’s Climate-Friendly Curbside Plan represents a significant step forward in the city’s efforts to reduce emissions from commercial product delivery, improve air quality, and promote sustainable transportation options. It is a critical project for meeting Seattle’s lofty climate goals and guaranteeing a greener, healthier future for everybody.

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