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How to earn more with smarter fleet parking management2 min read

Apr 27, 2023 2 min
smarter fleet parking management

How to earn more with smarter fleet parking management2 min read

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A lot of resources are wasted when fleet vehicles spend a long time searching for vacant parking spaces. With Get My Parking, you can set up custom apps for your fleet drivers to access real-time updates on parking availability in your car parks.

Fleet owners usually reimburse their drivers’ parking fees and look for car parks that provide quick and ticketless parking. Faster access to parking spots also means faster operations for the company, which is why many fleet owners partner with operators to provide parking privileges to their drivers.

For fleet companies, this means saving a lot of money as drivers can check-in in the nearest parking lot and pay per use, as opposed to the business shelling out a fixed cost every month. This becomes pivotal when a fleet company scales operations – it translates to thousands of dollars saved in fixed costs.

Get My Parking makes it easier to manage fleets. 

Operators can offer seamless access and automated bulk payments to fleet vehicles and long-term pass users. Here’s what our Fleet Parking module can do for you:

Ease of finding and paying for parking can accelerate any fleet’s operations. This way, drivers are readily accommodated, even if an unplanned or emergency stopping need arises. Moreover, the cruising time of fleet vehicles is reduced significantly, bringing down their carbon footprints.

Track and control your parking business through an intelligent admin dashboard. Get real-time reports on every session and transaction in your parking lot.

  • Quota management for multiple fleets

Manage the distribution of your available parking spaces among your fleet vehicles so that every vehicle is accommodated even during rush hours. Quota management is also necessary to make sure there’s always some room left for transient parkers so that your revenue model remains optimized for all kinds of customers.

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With our user-friendly AR Portal, fleet owners can manage their parkers, receive invoices and pay in bulk without having to depend heavily on parking admins.

With Get My Parking’s Fleet Parking management tools, you can maximize the profitability of their parking spaces with fleet parking partnerships. Schedule a demo or contact us at for more information!