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Ban On EV Sales In Wyoming?3 min read

Mar 2, 2023 2 min
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Ban On EV Sales In Wyoming?3 min read

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In Wyoming, Republican lawmakers have decided to take the issue of selling electric vehicles into the public sphere. Four senators and two representatives in the legislature have presented a bill proposal (SJ0004) that shows support for placing a ban on EV sales in Wyoming by the year 2035.

It’s a simple bill that gives a much skewed picture of the pros and cons of electric vehicles (EVs) and wouldn’t stop the sale of EVs in the end. Not yet, anyway.

If the bill were passed, it would only do two things. First, it would compel lawmakers to work towards the goal mentioned above. Second, the law would “urge” Wyoming’s businesses and residents to restrict the importation and sale of new EVs there. Thus, this is more of an encouragement than an actual law.

The resolution’s proponent, Republican State Sen. Jim Anderson, told the Cowboy State Daily that the legislature calling for a ban on EV sales in Wyoming would be saying, “If you don’t like our petroleum automobiles, well, we don’t like your electric cars.” It was announced late last year in the journal that the federal government would grant Wyoming $24 million to establish EV charging stations across the state.

If you are thinking that this sounds more like a political gimmick than an honest attempt to help regular people, you may be right. In the “whereas” portion of the proposed legislation, the oil and gas industry is lavished with praise for being “one of Wyoming’s proudest and most treasured industries” for a very long time.

Furthermore, it states that “the oil and gas business in Wyoming has provided countless employment and supplied funds to Wyoming throughout the state’s history. The state’s official analysis, however, claims that the plan would have “no personnel or fiscal impact at all”, which makes sense since the EV industry will also create a significant amount of jobs for US citizens.

It is obvious that Wyoming is the exception, not the rule. Global leaders including the USA are gearing up for the inevitable arrival of clean energy and investing heavily in making charging infrastructure easily accessible to the public.

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