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Why are cities reducing on-street parking?2 min read

Jan 11, 2023 2 min
Importance of On-Street Parking

Why are cities reducing on-street parking?2 min read

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Municipalities are reducing on-street parking to improve the quality of life for those who live in cities. Paris declared in 2020 that it would eliminate 60,000 out of the city’s 140,000 on-street parking spaces. Milan eliminated an overall footprint tax in 2021, allowing firms to enlarge their outdoor facilities.

Residents, as per the Center for London, choose trees, green spaces, and clutter-free pavements above car parking and EV charging stations. Needless to say, these circumstances present major on-street parking challenges.

Plans to adapt on-street EV parking spaces charging merely pose more obstacles to ICE vehicle parking. A start toward lowering emissions, but it necessitates the installation of a significant number of on-street chargers. While Amsterdam is currently installing 1,100 new chargers as part of its goal of achieving “emission-free transportation” by 2030, critics argue that the scheme faces significant financial challenges in providing the volume of chargers without significant government grants.

Alongside a reduction in the number of parking spaces, drivers are even facing considerable restrictions on the spaces that do remain. Maximum stay times have been cut dramatically, and enforcement has been increased, promoting a significantly greater turn-over per space. Drivers who seek to park curbside now face a significantly higher risk of being fined if they violate the many changing regulations in effect. Due to rising demand, associated levies are also rising.

These on-street parking challenges also pose a headache for automakers looking to offer excellent parking experiences and “peace of mind” to their drivers so they can complete their journeys with ease. Automakers want precise, full, and extremely detailed parking data with real-time updates for drivers, and support seamless, fully-automated in-vehicle payments in order to stay up with the shrinking availability of on-street spots, shifting regulations, and strategic price models. Through this combination, drivers can make smarter parking decisions.

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