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Ever Heard of Shanghai’s High-Rise Underground Parking Lots?2 min read

Dec 9, 2022 2 min
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Ever Heard of Shanghai’s High-Rise Underground Parking Lots?2 min read

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Ever heard of Shanghai’s high-rise underground parking lots?

The idea might sound crazy, but it’s actually pretty genius. In cities like Shanghai, where space is limited and land is expensive, building a traditional parking garage can get pretty pricey. So this one takes the opposite approach: rather than trying to cram cars into a small area, it creates more room for cars by building them above ground.

The idea is simple: the cars are stacked on top of each other in an extremely tall tower. Each floor has enough room to fit four or five cars in its own designated space, and there are elevators that make it easy for people to get from one floor to another without having to walk up or down stairs (or even leave their vehicles). Most importantly, though—and this is what makes this so great—the tower is completely covered in glass so that everyone can enjoy the view! It’s like living in your own little castle made out of diamonds… Except instead of diamonds it’s made out of cars! And instead of a castle it’s an underground parking lot!

In a recent attempt to go vertical and optimize capacity, Shanghai’s core Jing’an District is building two 21-story parking garages, each with 20 floors underneath. These will also be considered ‘smart garages.

Smart garages will be able to park cars automatically. Drivers can instruct the garage to pick up their cars when they are ready by sending a message through an app. It should take about 90 seconds for drivers to get their vehicles.

Construction on a park is underway on Guangyan Road. The two garages will be operational by 2023, considerably alleviating the lack of parking for surrounding people and providing authorities with a different strategy for resolving the imbalance between automobiles and parking places.

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Optimizing Parking

Optimizing the usage of your car park using smart parking solutions is an important step after you construct a space that can comfortably accommodate the estimated number of visitors.

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