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Tesla Teases New Supercharger Locations Across the US2 min read

Nov 24, 2022 2 min
New Supercharger Locations Across the US

Tesla Teases New Supercharger Locations Across the US2 min read

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Tesla is taking the next step in its mission to get more people driving electric cars by opening a new round of supercharger locations across the United States.

Tesla’s website briefly showed over three hundred new locations for its supercharger stations. It’s a sign that EVs will soon become commonplace, replacing gas stations. Superchargers help to keep you charged when you’re traveling away from home. All you need to do is to plug in, charge and drive.

Tesla has been working hard to expand its network of charging stations—a key component of the company’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

The company is also promising that these new locations will have a 30-minute charging time for its vehicles, which means you can make it from one city to another. This is a big deal—one of the main reasons people don’t buy electric cars is because they’re worried about being able to charge them when needed. With these new stations, Tesla is making it easier than ever for people who want an electric car but don’t know where to find a charging station on their way home from work or while traveling cross-country.

Tesla currently operates over 20,000 supercharger stations worldwide, including in the United States. The company was among the first to begin creating these locations so that consumers who purchased a Tesla could quickly locate a place to charge their vehicle while they travel to distant locations.

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