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Digital Parking Permit: Helping Employees Park Better2 min read

Nov 22, 2022 2 min
Digital Parking Permits

Digital Parking Permit: Helping Employees Park Better2 min read

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The post-covid era saw employees return to work. Offices working at full capacity mandate the need for efficiently managed parking spaces for employees. While employers aren’t required to provide parking for staff, studies find that including parking benefits as a part of their package increases the chances of employees returning to their offices for in-person work.

Expertly managed on-site parking is an attractive feature for new hires, an added reason employers should consider improving on this feature. As most office-goers commute to and reach work around the same time, traffic congestion and a lack of parking spaces make work all the more stressful.

Moreover, reversing out of tight spaces can further create problems, making workers late for home after a long day at work. Needless to say, efficient parking is vital for content, productive employees that will in turn benefit the company.

A parking permit allows employees to park in a designated spot without aimless cruising, looking for parking space. Flexible parking permits make parking management easier, whether it’s the office’s parking place or a public, shared parking lot.

With GMP Permit, operators can enter profitable partnerships with corporate offices to offer customizable permits with easy auto-renewal options and hassle-free online payments. Corporate parkers can onboard themselves by scanning the QR code on their welcome emails and using their permits through the operator’s custom-branded web app. Corporate partners can pay for their employee’s sessions and permits in bulk through a self-serve AR portal where partners can manage parker accounts, invoices, and payments.

As a customized end-to-end solution that is easy to use and deploy, GMP Permit can support parking lots and PARCS of all sizes, enabling digital credentials with RFID and LPR allocation. Get My Parking’s Plug & Play technology integrates with the operator’s existing ecosystem with open APIs, reducing the admin’s efforts drastically. With a one-time, effortless onboarding process and a single credential for consumers that works across the parking ecosystem, the solution makes the entire parking process streamlined and touchless.

Enjoy transparency, better parking management, and efficiency with GMP Permit