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Energy Harvesting in Smart Cities: The Solar Parking Lot3 min read

Oct 25, 2022 2 min
Parking Lot in France

Energy Harvesting in Smart Cities: The Solar Parking Lot3 min read

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Smart cities across the world are set to be powered by harvested clean energy from solar parking lots – read to learn more.

Solar energy has gained immense importance, especially in light of the shift towards a green economy. As countries pledge to reduce net carbon emissions, smart cities are looking for ways to leverage renewable energy sources to improve the life and convenience of their inhabitants without depleting resources.

Solar power produces a significantly lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels, putting it at the forefront of many activities. Energy harvesting in smart cities has led to the exploration of an exciting and possibly viable proposition – the use of solar energy in parking lots.

The Solar Parking Lot

Smart cities are quickly catching the trend of placing solar canopies over their parking spaces. There are several benefits of this, due to which we reckon that solar parking lots might just be the future of parking. In most cities, pavements occupy almost 50% of the surface area, and 40% of these are exposed parking lots.

These uncovered pavements absorb the sun’s energy and heat up quickly. This heat warms the surrounding air, contributing to the urban heat island effect. Solar parking lots use the sun’s abundant energy and convert it to power components like lights, equipment, HVAC machines, and other appliances.

Solar energy can also power charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This is a huge advantage! With the steady rise in the number of EVs, charging stations can reduce electricity dependency and adopt better, more eco-friendly ways.

The United States produces 30% of greenhouse emissions, and electricity makes up 18% of that. In light of this, solar parking lots that reduce electrical consumption are a major plus!

But that’s not all. Motorists can also enjoy an enhanced customer experience with solar parking lots. When cars remain parked under the sweltering sun, the need to put on ACs is higher. This contributes to fuel consumption, ultimately costing more fuel per person. Parking cars in a shaded, solar parking lot will keep the vehicles cooler.

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Other benefits like increased sustainability, revenue, and better use of free energy make solar parking lots the future of parking. Offices, retail stores, industries, and transportation can all consider solar parking lots to bring down fuel costs and contribute to a greener planet.

Get Ready for the EV Revolution

With future generations eagerly looking toward affordable and sustainable EV models, it is clear that the future is electric!

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