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Research finds optimal strategy for EV charging station Infrastructure2 min read

Oct 17, 2022 2 min
EV charging station Infrastructure

Research finds optimal strategy for EV charging station Infrastructure2 min read

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The shift to electric vehicles (EVs) from traditional cars is still a nascent development. As the demand for EVs rises steadily, there is a need for EV charging stations at various locations to meet the needs of EV users. Deciding where to set up EV charging stations requires significant know-how and planning.

North Carolina State University researchers have created a computational model that spots the ideal spots to place EV charging stations according to the traffic flow and user demand. It also considers the power load of each EV charging station so as not to exhaust any one local power grid.

The Importance of EV Charging Station Infrastructure Planning

Planners can leverage the power of this model to make optimal decisions regarding EV charging station networks and infrastructure. This model takes into account all the factors that should matter. Most often, EV chargers are placed in areas with high demand. What about the power load?

This is the first model that chooses the best EV charging station spots from a transportation and power consumption viewpoint. As far as transportation goes, the model ensures EV users don’t have to travel very far to charge their cars. User feasibility is a focal point, but not without consideration for power consumption. Ignoring either could prove detrimental to the city’s power planning.


Talks are in order to use this model to create a sustainable EV charging network. This model can decide the prime locations for EV charging stations across cities and states. While the previous database aggregated data over a ZIP code, the current data collection methods focus on a single EV charging station to produce the best results. Along with other things, this model also factors in the wait time at every EV charging station.

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