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Here’s How Steer-By-Wire Technology Can Help With Parking2 min read

Oct 3, 2022 2 min
Steer-By-Wire Technology

Here’s How Steer-By-Wire Technology Can Help With Parking2 min read

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Parking may have been a mere inconvenience, say, ten years ago. But today, it has become an important issue that needs to be addressed to solve pressing world issues like climate change.

You’d be surprised to know drivers waste over a million oil barrels looking for suitable parking spaces, mandating the need for policymakers to rethink urban parking.

Despite these detrimental consequences staring us in the face, there is little awareness about innovations in parking that save fuel and make this a stress-free and seamless experience.

Introducing Steer-By-Wire Technology

Steer-by-wire is different from a conventional steering wheel because it provides drivers much more freedom. This technology does not have any link with the car’s wheels. Instead, it relies on digital signals to the gear, making the driving experience more like a video game.

You don’t feel the impact of the road as much, which blocks the vibrations on bumpy terrain. If you want to understand what exactly steer-by-wire is, think of it as sim racing with less pronounced steering feedback.

A Breakthrough in Parking

There are several benefits of steer-by-wire, one of which is more accessible parking. This technology allows vehicles to leverage steering functionality. You can employ features like park assist, automatic lane keeping, vehicle dynamic control, and more.

Using steer-by-wire technology allows drivers to whip their cars around tight parking spots, increasing the scope and space for parking. 34% of drivers find parallel parking very difficult, limiting the areas where they can easily park. However, steer-by-wire makes tight parking spaces and parallel parking seem much less frightening. You can avoid the worry of controlling the steering wheel and letting the vehicle slip into small gaps and spaces.

When drivers utilize all the available parking spaces, they will reduce fuel consumption by a significant margin. This will naturally cut the carbon footprint, ensuring we all acclimate to pursuing a greener planet.

Park smarter with smart parking

Intelligent parking solutions can streamline and accelerate the process, saving parkers time and fuel. However, operators with traditional parking lots often hesitate to digitize their business because of the upgrade costs.

With GMP’s parking software, you can retrofit and automate any parking lot in a few easy steps. Here’s how our smart parking platform can upgrade your car park.