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What Are Pink Parking Lots?3 min read

May 23, 2022 3 min

What Are Pink Parking Lots?3 min read

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In 1900, Vera Hedges Butler made history as the first British woman to earn a driving license. She had to endure several driving tests under heavy scrutiny from skeptic men, but she paved the way for modern women drivers who enjoy the right to own and drive a vehicle. However, even in 2022, women face many issues that hamper equality behind the wheel. The disrespect women drivers often face on the road as well as the countless crimes against women in secluded parking lots are serious concerns that the industry has been slow to address. Designated parking lots for women, also known as pink parking lots, have emerged as a solution to this.

In this article, we’ll explain what it means. We’ll also take a look at some examples of women-only parking spaces.

Pink Parking LotsImage by: Jui Nikita

What Are Pink Parking Lots?

Introduced first by Germany in 1990, women-only parking spaces or pink parking lots are slowly gaining popularity across the globe. Some parking lots also demarcate separate spaces for women called pink parking spaces.

These pink spaces are usually found near the exits. This is to make sure that the drivers are safely within the range of the CCTV cameras and also to make it easier for women who have to carry extra baggage or children to get to their cars.

Often, these parking spots are painted bright pink. Some countries may have a pink border or a “female-only” sign placed next to it.

Let us explore some pink parking success stories from around the world.

Pink Parking Lots Around The World

  • Italy

Italy has recently formalized its rules on pink parking in an effort to encourage accessibility. The new Highway Code offers reserved parking slots for pregnant women and parents with children under two years old. To ensure that the facility is availed by the people who genuinely need it, unauthorized parking can be fined 30 euros to 328 euros for mopeds and 165 to 660 euros for other vehicles.

  • Seoul, South Korea

The city of Seoul in South Korea has built more than 4000 pink parking facilities around the city as part of a campaign to make Seoul more accessible for women. As per a Bloomberg article, many women find the installation of pink parking spaces to be a significant effort to provide safer areas. These spots are placed closer to the entrance of the car parks, making it convenient for them to bring their children along or carry heavy grocery bags.

  • Bengaluru, India

A women-only smart parking zone on Brigade Road in Bengaluru has received much appreciation in India. Earlier, women had to walk long distances on secluded roads in this area. This prompted most ladies to limit the usage of their vehicles. The new parking system reserves some initial slots for female drivers. The city’s municipal corporation has also promised to extend this system to other large parking areas and new parking tenders.

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How Smart Parking Can Help Boost Pink Parking Initiatives

Whether commuting to work or running errands, modern women prefer being self-reliant. The parking facility allows women drivers to feel a sense of safety and navigate cities more confidently.

Taking inspiration from the success of pink parking lots in India and the world, governing bodies and authorities should encourage women-friendly policies. IoT-enabled smart parking can be a useful tool in implementing, monitoring, and maintaining pink parking facilities. Not only will it make it easier for women drivers to view and book parking spaces, but it will also help authorities monitor parking space usage and prevent misuse.