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Simple Ways to Protect Your Car Rims from Theft3 min read

Nov 17, 2021 3 min

Simple Ways to Protect Your Car Rims from Theft3 min read

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Car theft is one of those things people aren’t worried about regularly but is always a possibility. In fact, car theft spiked 10.9% between 2019 to 2020 in the US and is still on the rise. Oddly enough, many car thieves don’t steal the entire car – figuring out how to protect your car rims from theft is also a common worry, especially because thieves can get away with it without triggering intruder alarms.


Despite all technological advancements, car rim theft remains a significant problem for the automotive industry. Vehicles with even the most sophisticated security and alarm systems fail against experienced thieves, as they unfasten the wheels and rims off a car within a few minutes.

Protection against car rim theft is more about practicality and common sense than investing money or equipment. Here are some time-tested ways to keep your rims from getting stolen.

Protect Your Car Rims from Theft

How to Protect Your Car From Rim Theft

  • Park where your car is visible to the public

This is a good parking tip in general since assaults and crimes often happen in empty parking lots at odd times. Always try to find a traffic-dense and well-lit area to park your car. Doing the opposite is only going to increase the chances of getting your car or car rims stolen. When outside, look for crowded areas that are filled with passers-by. Doing this will make your vehicle a less probable target.

Another practice to reduce the possibility of your car rims being stolen is to park your car closer to the curb and in places with surveillance cameras. Even if you can’t keep an eye on your car, at least someone will.

  • Install a motion-sensor car alarm

Investing in a good-quality motion-sensor car alarm system is a must as it will notify you if thieves attempt to steal your vehicle’s rims. Smart car alarms these days react to even the softest movements and notify their owners.

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A simple yet effective measure you can take to protect your car rims from theft is to turn your wheels when parking. Why?

It is easier to loosen the nuts when your car is parked straight, which is why turning your wheels makes them harder to remove. And if you have a steering lock, it will be difficult for the thieves to turn the wheels forward without putting the key into the ignition.

  • Use wheel locks

Use wheel locks on each of the four wheels as well as the spare tire. These locks fit on each wheel and make it difficult to remove the lug nuts without a key. You require special tools to loosen the nuts on wheels that carry these locks, and not everyone has the equipment (unless they’re a car rim theft specialist, of course). In general, wheel locks can help you protect your wheels and rims from theft.

Final takeaway

These are some simple and cost-effective ways to protect your car rims from theft when parking your car outside. However, staying alert and responsibly parking your vehicle can go a long way in ensuring your car’s safety.

If you live in an area where such thefts are common, install the appropriate security devices and be cautious about your parking habits.