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Parking Guide: Places to Avoid While Parking Your Car3 min read

Oct 26, 2021 3 min

Parking Guide: Places to Avoid While Parking Your Car3 min read

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No matter how good you are at parallel parking, the thought of searching for a parking spot in a crowded place can make anyone anxious! There are definitely a few places to avoid while parking your car, which makes it even more difficult to find the right spot.

The shortage of parking spaces is one of the most pressing issues for the automobile industry, and the situation is getting worse due to rapid urbanization. In fact, there are only 8 parking spots for every car in the US, even when parking lots cover about 30% of cities.As a result, many drivers and car owners park their vehicles recklessly at random places. But this is not without consequence.

Places to Avoid While Parking Your Car

In Lithuania, Mayor Arturas Zuokas launched a campaign to set an example for people who park their vehicles illegally. He crushed a Mercedes-Benz with an 8-wheeled armored vehicle.

This brings us to the question, which places should you never park your vehicle? Let’s find out.

Places to Avoid While Parking Your Car

  • Yellow lines

Both single and yellow lines drawn on the road denote parking restrictions. Single yellow lines mean that you cannot park your car, wait or load and unload from the vehicle during certain hours displayed on the sign.

On the other hand, double yellow lines prohibit you from parking your car at any time on that part of the road. So avoid parking on yellow lines or check the instructions and timings carefully before parking.

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  • Low traffic areas

There is a misconception among many car owners that parking in places with low traffic is safer than parking in high-traffic areas. However, research shows that most break-ins and car theft cases happen in affluent neighborhoods with low traffic. A reason for this is that these areas provide access to expensive vehicles with fewer people passing by. Therefore, it is safer to park in high-traffic areas with more people and vehicles around.

  • Dark alleyways

This is a no-brainer! Parking in poorly lit areas and alleys can be equivalent to an invitation to thieves. Instead, you should always park in high-traffic and well-lit areas where the passers-by can serve as a deterrent to thieves. Since isolated vehicles can catch the eye of criminals, park near stores with bright lighting and close to other cars. However, avoid parking next to large vehicles such as buses and trucks as they provide an excellent hiding place for criminals and make it easier for them to steal your car.

  • Under electric poles and trees

Avoid parking under electric poles or trees as they can fall on your car. And while it may be safe to park under a tree during summers, it can be catastrophic during monsoons. Needless to say that if a tree falls on your car, the damage can be astronomical, and you will have to spend a huge amount to bring your car back in shape. So, if parking under an electric pole or a tree seems like your only option, just keep driving till you find a better spot!

Parting Thoughts            

Before you hurry to park your car and step out, make sure that you have parked in a safe and visible spot. Remember that avoiding a parking ticket should not be your only concern while parking, as getting your car stolen is worse than paying off a ticket! Lastly, always check the locks and take all necessary precautions to protect your precious ride from break-ins and other road crimes.