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Why Cities Need Dedicated Motorcycle Parking3 min read

Apr 17, 2020 3 min

Why Cities Need Dedicated Motorcycle Parking3 min read

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Haphazard motorcycle parking is one of the biggest problems that urban spaces face. One big contributor to this problem is the fact that most commercial establishments and parking facilities don’t have separate parking space for two-wheelers. This is why many motorcyclists end up parking randomly on the streets.

However, this problem runs deeper than cluttered roads and affecting their aesthetics.

Motorcycle Parking

Here’s why modern cities must invest in motorcycle parking spaces.

Space for pedestrians

As rows and rows of motorcycles take up most of the space on the footpath, pedestrians are left with no space to walk or they end up walking on overcrowded pavements. Overcrowded pavements have also become a huge safety issue as pedestrians are often forced onto the road, especially during lunch and rush hour.

The overcrowding of footpaths creates even a bigger challenge for old or disabled people using wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility. By introducing motorcycle parking bays, the pavements will be freed for people to walk.

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Easily accessible public facilities

It is common to find motorcycles parked on or near public facilities or service access points such as manhole covers, dustbins, post offices, pedestrian crossing, ramps for disabled people, tactile guidance paths or simply blocking the footpath opposite a tram exit stop. All these public facilities are created to make your commute around the city more convenient. But if these areas are encroached by randomly parked bikes then going about your routine becomes extremely difficult. With the introduction of dedicated parking spaces, it can become much easier for people to navigate through the city and carry on with their day.

Enhanced security for motorcycle parking

Not only pedestrians benefit from separate motorcycle parking bays but it also makes the commute easier for motorbike riders. Motorcycles are highly prone to theft as they can easily be lifted onto another vehicle, especially if they are parked in an area without proper security. Secured motorcycle parking spaces are a necessity, especially in places where long-term parking is required, such as in public transport interchange areas, shopping malls, entertainment centres, workplaces, etc. Moreover, if commercial establishments have a separate motorcycle parking space with proper surveillance then the motorcyclists will feel more at ease to use the parking bays.

Organized streets

Roads overrun by bikes or scooters can make the city streets look cluttered, narrow, and crowded. This can ruin the visual appeal of your city. By introducing dedicated motorcycle parking spaces, the city streets will become more organized, therefore not only making the commute more efficient but also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your city.

An answer to traffic congestion

If there are separate parking spaces for motorbikes then people will be more encouraged to opt for motorcycles. If more and more people choose motorbikes over private cars as their daily transport then a slight shift can occur in the traffic composition. Two-wheelers like motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds are much smaller in size, as compared to cars, and can take less space both on the road and while parked, hence reducing traffic congestion and improving traffic flow in city spaces.

Moreover, motorbikes can also reduce gas emissions. City governments, by creating specific-parking spaces for two-wheelers will not only solve the problem of unorganized parking but separate motorcycle parking can also ensure better usage of public spaces, reduce the clutter in city streets, create safer space for motorcyclists, and make moving around the city much easier.