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Hyderabad gets smart parking powered by startup ‘Get My Parking’3 min read

Jul 26, 2019 3 min

Hyderabad gets smart parking powered by startup ‘Get My Parking’3 min read

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Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd (HMRL) has introduced ‘Park Hyderabad’, a paid Parking facility with digital systems and mobile app at 24 Metro Rail stations

Hyderabad- To provide a hassle-free parking experience to metro commuters, the Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd (HMRL) authority has inaugurated a smart parking project which will allow citizens to search and pay for parking via smartphone app at 24 metro stations. This project also includes digitization of parking ticketing and other operations on ground level. The parking operations are being run by Zruti Solutions – who have introduced several pioneering features to improve the parking experience for commuters. The technology for digital parking is powered by the smart parking platform of Get My Parking, an award winning IoT startup. This platform enables HMRL parking lots to provide cloud-based parking management system and latest consumer offerings like digital payment and mobile app for parking.

Get My Parking is a smart parking startup, founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with the aim to digitize the fragmented parking industry. Since then team Get My Parking has digitized more than 800 parking locations which cumulatively process about 2 Million parking transactions every month. An example of ‘Make in India’ success, Get My Parking has expanded globally with digital parking projects across 17 countries including most of Europe. The learnings of working on diverse geographies and requirements has made their core parking platform robust and agile. That indirectly adds value to their new projects like the one of Hyderabad metro parking.

Talking about the project, Mr. Rasik Pansare, Co-founder of Get My Parking, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for us as it is a first of its kind smart parking system for on-street parking. We are grateful to HMRL for huge encouragement to startups and ‘Digital India’ initiatives. Our partner and lead bidder of this project, Zruti Solutions, have been very innovative and steadfast. This is an ambitious project and our cross-domain expertise have come together in a complimentary manner to deliver on the responsibility of making Hyderabad metro parking a seamless experience”.

The Get My Parking platform is modular and future-proof, meaning it can be used in various capacities as per requirements and keep adding new capabilities without affecting existing services. This helps Get My Parking in doing parking projects in Indian cities like Hyderabad which are changing rapidly and might have a very different parking scenario in future.

As part of this project there will soon be a free mobile app available on android and iOS for Hyderabad citizens to search, navigate, and pay for the parking at 24 metro stations. It will also provide a lot of helpful information about parking lots like timings, tariff, rules, and real location photos. All the transactional operations done by parking attendants will be digitally assisted using handheld based parking management system by Get My Parking.

“As our technical solution partner for this project, Get My Parking helped us create a robust smart parking app for commuters. We are highly impressed with their modularized parking platform. The dashboard reporting feature gives us a complete snapshot of operations at the click of a button. They customized the on-street parking app to work well locally. We laud the excellent job they did at offering an end-to-end smart parking solution. All in all, Get My Parking proved to be a smart parking partner in the true sense of the term.”, said Ramana Reddy Bathi, MD, Zruti Solutions.

This initiative will empower citizens and parking attendants with new age digital parking tools and contribute to the smart city ecosystem of Hyderabad. So that soon enough parking won’t be a hassle for HMRL metro commuters.