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Popular Ways to Pay for Your Parking Payments2 min read

Feb 25, 2019 2 min

Popular Ways to Pay for Your Parking Payments2 min read

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Nearly all parking facilities in urban areas charge for parking services, typically calculating the fare based on time. When it comes to pay for your parking payments, we are seeing an abundance of options today.

As technology progresses, we no longer need to worry about carrying the right amount of change. Motorists today can make payment with a simple click on their smartphones. For consumers, this translates into a variety of payment choices and for lot operators, it means ease and convenience in revenue tracking.

Let’s take a look at some popular ways to pay for parking payments.


Mobile payments are now becoming the norm. Parking apps offer a mobile payment option, enabling users to pay for parking via their smartphones. This means ease of use for motorists whose parking experience is simplified as they stay in control. Mobile payments eliminate the need to carry cash or even credit and debit cards.

On the other hand, parking lot operators and municipalities can benefit from mobile transactions as they are able to easily access data through backend systems. Such portals can allow parking enforcement officers and city administrations with the functionality to streamline workflow, greatly enhancing parking efficiency.

Point of Sale

As opposed to parking meters that need coins to begin a session, kiosks provide a point of sale where parkers can pay for their spot. The payment method can be cash or card. Such a kiosk makes it easy for parking enforcement officers to keep track of payment and parking sessions apart from increasing accessibility for parkers.

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Ticketed System

Ticketed systems allow users to skip a kiosk or pay station and enter the parking lot through a gate. Users can access their space through a code or pass that allows them to enter the parking lot.  This option is of special benefit to residential areas, business lots, and other parking areas that need gated systems.

With the advancement of technology, we will see users pay for parking with their mobile devices. We can now pay for parking through options other than cash. Whatever the mode of payment, it is clear that technology will have a central role to play in it.