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How Big Is the Smart Parking Business in Indonesia?2 min read

Feb 4, 2019 2 min

How Big Is the Smart Parking Business in Indonesia?2 min read

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Much like other developing countries, Indonesia faces a burgeoning population and an increasing pressure in its real estate. And much like other parts of the globe, smart parking offers a cutting-edge solution to its parking woes. What is the state of the smart parking business in Indonesia? Let’s see.

smart parking business in Indonesia

Why the Need for Smart Parking in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest developing economies. This is most evidently reflected in the pattern of development followed by its urban areas, which is hugely car-oriented. In 2018 there were 15.4 million cars in the country and that number is sure to rise.

One of the cities that grapples with a parking problem every day is Jakarta. The problem presents itself as even more serious if one considers the context; the annual growth rate of motor vehicles in the city is 12%. This has resulted in an inadequate car is to parking space ratio, leading to a mindless use of public space for parking. This has even affected access to important public places such as hospitals, shopping centers, and airports.

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The issue has baffled authorities for years now. This is just the scenario in the capital city. It has also lead to the rise of unofficial parking lots and attendants who extort money from drivers, as finding adequate parking or driving is difficult in the congested centers in the urban areas of the country.

The aforementioned context is also useful to understand the limitations of conventional solutions to the Indonesian parking problem. Expanding parking lots by allotting new spaces is a failed option since it is the scarcity of the former itself that forces people to park their cars in streets and sidewalks. Enter smart parking systems, and one finds the most viable answer.

The Indonesian Experience of Smart Parking

The smart parking business in Indonesia is really big. By accommodating more vehicles in a limited space with the use of computerized systems, smart parking has revolutionized parking in Indonesia.

The future of smart parking systems in Indonesia has become more promising with Jakarta’s inclusion in the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN). This not just made the need to solve the city’s congestion problem all the more pertinent, but also increased its access to technology that can do so. Smart cities make use of advanced technology that is highly data-driven. This data aids in optimizing services such as parking.

The size that the smart parking sector has grown to in Indonesia is testified for by a large number of smart parking platforms such as Get My Parking. Solutions such as this one provide a bird’s eye view of all the parking spots in the city to important stakeholders like the city administration and parking management companies, apart from commuters. This ensures that one can arrive at a holistic remedy to the problem of finding parking spaces in the world’s busiest cities.