Parking management platform from Get My Parking transforms parking operations, achieving process innovation


With a parking space of 400 hectares and more than half million vehicles moving in and out of these facilities during the month, management of parking lots and traffic in and around the festival grounds was a daunting task staring at the authorities.

GMP provided a parking management platform, improving the availability of parking occupancy data and efficiency in management and analysis. The solution supports improved navigation, traffic flow, quality of service, vehicle safety, access to information and the overall customer experience.

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Provisioning Smart Parking Solution for the largest gathering on the planet

Many of the problems in the management of large and crowded events are associated with the movement of people. These movements need to be monitored and controlled to keep the event organized. The task includes managing and administering many activities such as monitoring and controlling traffic movement, payment of toll taxes, parking, overall law and order, incident reports and incident response. Thus, the role of technology becomes crucial.

For 3 weeks the GMP team planned and prepared to implement smart parking solution at the mega event for a full month lasting from 22nd April to 21st May. The teams started off by surveying the areas allotted for parking, a total of 60 Hectares divided into 11 parking lots of unequal sizes. Training was imparted to more than 400 parking operators of GMP ticketing and parking management systems.

Data flows were fully integrated to make real-time data available to visitors via LEDs and Mobile App and to authorities via web-dashboards integrated to Central Command Centre. Other than online bookings, 20 kiosks were also set-up outside the festival grounds to facilitate bookings of
parking slots. The lack of consistent power supply was a challenge. Additional hardware had to be deployed to back-up each Point of sale system.

The traffic administration used GMP’s Tow Away app to model its processes. This application enabled effective real-time collaboration with resources deployed on-field, capturing pictures and geo-locations of illegally parked vehicles or vehicles disrupting traffic flow. Visitors who booked their spots on the parking application were updated about the major traffic stoppages and rerouted to the most convenient parking lot.

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The use of the GetmyParking’s smart parking solution at ‘Simhasth Mahakumbh’, Ujjain, helped consumers and city administrators to improve and regulate vehicle flow, ultimately improving customer outcomes and delivering a more positive customer experience. The end goal was to build a robust network and flow of information among administrators, employees, partners, and customers.

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