Yet another feather has been added to team Get My Parking’s cap. Our CEO, Mr Chirag Jain’s steadfast leadership that made Get My Parking the market leader in smart parking, has led him to be recognised as the Business World Disrupt 40 under 40 Achiever of the year.

Days and hours poured into planning, strategy development sessions and actually executing the plans have made possible Get My Parking’s success. Chirag along with his team has done an excellent job of transforming his idea into a startup and leading it to high growth. His vision helped him keep his company true to his passion and values. 

In an interaction with BW Disrupt, Chirag Jain talked about his entrepreneurial journey and shared details about his venture. We have an excerpt from the conversation for you…. 

BW representative: What is your ‘Success Mantra’?
Chirag: Persistence. Things will go south, they will deviate from your plan, you will face uncertainties. The only thing that can bring you closer to success is persistence. Don’t give up.

BW Representative: Who would you call your idol in life?
Chirag: I don’t have one single ideal. I believe in learning from anyone and everyone. Different people have a different forte, one isn’t enough.
In fact, I look up to multiple colleagues of mine in Get My Parking for their special qualities- Rasik’s undying passion, Rahul’s discipline and Shine’s leadership style has been inspiring me ever since.

BW Representative: Tell us about the driving force behind your success.
Chirag: Well, I wouldn’t categorise myself as successful. I believe there is a lot to be done, and a lot to be achieved before you could call me successful.

BW Representative: A Business advice you always followed.
Chirag: My first manager Banwari Lal at told me something that I still follow. He said, “Don’t sit on a problem, take a decision. It might be right or wrong, but if you sit on it, it’s definitely going to be wrong.” 

BW Representative: Can you give some tips for budding entrepreneurs?
Chirag: Find your true love, or develop one towards what you have found. If you do it just to make it big, you might run out of steam.

Read the full interview here. Also, watch the video below…

Mr. Chirag Jain​ (CEO, Get My Parking)

Watch our CEO, Mr. Chirag Jain talk about our startup at the BW Businessworld 40 under 40 Achievers Award at NASSCOM. With Get My Parking transforming into the industry’s default smart parking platform, we are well poised to making parking a subconscious experience for millions of motorists, globally.BW Disrupt

Posted by Get My Parking on Thursday, 9 November 2017

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