Would you drive a car made from plants?

Imagine yourself driving a car made from plants, seems interesting to you?

Using their futuristic vision, students in Netherlands have made the best combo of technology and nature. They have built world’s first structural bio-based car. This fully electric is set to prove that a practical and sustainable car can be extremely efficient as well!

Would you drive a car made from plants? :)Plants giving life to a car; students in the Netherlands have come up with this novel design. A good way to go green TU/ecomotive!

Posted by Get My Parking on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The automotive industry is evolving with every passing moment and this is the time when inventors are stepping up and showing to the world, how today’s smart technology can turn into tomorrow’s smarter cars.

Through innovations like these, the automotive industry is recognising the potential in the evolution of the car. Their compact and efficient city cars, made from durable material, are exemplary how cars of the future can and should be built.

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