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How Get My Parking is helping city governments in policy making2 min read

Jun 15, 2017 2 min

How Get My Parking is helping city governments in policy making2 min read

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We truly believe that little changes go a long way. In the same light, Get My Parking eagerly supports city-wide policies to have an efficient, digitized management system for parking. Mapping of the city traffic and providing necessary data in core cities is a time-taking yet a very crucial issue that we are very passionate towards solving.

Get My Parking is driven to change the way parking systems have been managed till now. Our model helps the governments to get city-wide macro-level data about where, when, how many vehicles are getting parked. This helps them make data-driven policies on public fund being utilized for parking infrastructure. We have been associated with various city governments for the pilot of our solutions which provide real analytics for policy-making.

After various successful pilots conducted, we are now collaborating with CIDCO in Navi Mumbai for a smart parking pilot in Khargar.

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CIDCO today holds the reputation of the premier town planning and infrastructure agency in India. Get My Parking is joining hands with CIDCO to revolutionize the parking management in Mumbai.

We competently implemented our smart parking pilot at 6 different locations in Jaipur, in association with Jaipur Development Authority, last year. The authorities monitored how our solutions impacted the parking experience and urban mobility in those 6 areas.  We helped the authorities not only on the technology front but also in designing and planning for street-side parking. With the help of our dashboard, they were able to gather the relevant information they needed to implement changes in their policies.

Get My Parking’s goal is to make the infrastructure of all the cities efficient and digitally connected. And this urban development can’t proceed without accounting for smart parking. We have put one of our initial steps towards building a parking ecosystem with CIDCO in Navi Mumbai. And we are full of hope that in the near future our collaborations will pan out to millions of citizens in the long run.