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Meet the Foldable Electric Car that saves Parking Space3 min read

Nov 30, 2022 2 min
Foldable Electric Car

Meet the Foldable Electric Car that saves Parking Space3 min read

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With this foldable electric car, there’s no parking spot too small for you – this EV from South Korea folds in half to fit into narrow spaces.

We’ve all been there—you’re driving to your favorite restaurant, and you realize that there’s no way you can park your car. You have to go to a different restaurant. Or maybe you’re on your way to the grocery store and realize that every single spot is taken.

If only there was an electric car that could fold in half! Then you could park anywhere, even in the middle of a busy sidewalk!

Well, guess what? There is!

This new foldable electric car, made by the engineers at Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST in South Korea, is literally half the size of most cars, yet it still has all the space and power you need for your everyday commute. It’s like a normal car, except it folds in half!

This amazing innovation comes at a time when cities struggle with accommodating more people and vehicles on their streets without building more parking spaces or widening lanes (which would cost taxpayers a lot of money).

The car’s battery allows it to be driven around for up to 62 miles before needing to be recharged after charging for just 10 minutes at a speed of 37 miles per hour.

Using a smartphone interface, the automobile may be folded in half after parking, from 110 to 65 inches. Cameras replace the side and rearview mirrors to save space. According to the Korean Wall Street Journal, three Armadillo-Ts might perhaps fit into a regular-sized parking place in Korea using the same smartphone app.

The sub-1,000-pound Armadillo-T may not appeal to people who crave speed, but it has promise as a useful urban car, particularly in nations with limited space for public parking. It receives bonus points for being an ecologically friendly electric vehicle. However, it doesn’t appear to provide much protection in an accident, and we’re not sure we want to be late for a meeting if we have to crawl at an armadillo’s pace.

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