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What Are Precast Parking Structures?2 min read

Jun 7, 2021 2 min

What Are Precast Parking Structures?2 min read

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Parking structures are the silent champions behind seamless mobility. It is no secret that with urbanization on the rise, these structures are absolute necessities. No building is approved for construction if it does not include a thoroughly planned open air or underground parking lot. And rightly so! Given that 2000-3000 new vehicles are added every week on the already congested roads of cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. Let’s find out what Precast Parking Structures are?

Precast Parking Structures

While all parking lots may look alike, their structural engineering can dramatically differ from each other. Sure, most parking spaces use concrete as it is a quick construction material, but the story doesn’t end there. The parking lot owner chooses concrete structures depends on the design, nature of utility (heavy or light vehicles), etc.

Not many know this, but there are two primary methods to construct a parking lot. They are –

  • Precast parking space
  • Cast-in-place parking space

Out of the two, precast structures are a fairly popular approach as they offer a faster construction solution.

What Are Precast Parking Structures?

As the name suggests, this structure includes precast or pre-formed concrete blocks that are manufactured off-site and delivered to various construction sites. This production method allows for slabs and beams to be cast together so that fewer joints are produced, thus decreasing the lifecycle costs. Too many joints mean high maintenance costs as they require a sealant regularly. But, precast parking structures come with far fewer joints, thus reducing maintenance costs significantly.

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Benefits of Precast Parking Structures

When it comes to precast parking structures, there is more than meets the eye! Here are a few unsung benefits of investing in this type of parking infrastructure.

Since the pre-fab pieces are cast at a plant and merely shipped to the construction site, no other design compares to the speed at which a precast structure can be erected. This feature is especially beneficial, given the need for rapid construction when it comes to parking spaces.

Precast concrete is resistant to all weather types. And, since they can comfortably withstand harsh weather conditions, they last long. This design type also involves a lower initial construction cost, because here the design work is completed in advance. Therefore, no on-site alterations are needed. These structures can accommodate architectural designs, even after prefabrication. Meaning, any abstract shape can be cut, filleted, or carved into an exterior precast concrete panel.

The Bottom Line

Even though precast parking structures come with a host of benefits, they may not fit your priorities list. Therefore, parking lot owners need to consult with their architects before zeroing in on a particular design type. Whether you choose a precast parking structure or a cast-in-place one, make sure to thoroughly research what your potential drivers want from a parking lot in your locality.