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Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Short-Term Parking3 min read

Jan 4, 2021 3 min
Expensive U.S. Cities for Short-Term Parking

Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Short-Term Parking3 min read

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The one thing we all can agree on is the parking takes all the fun out of driving.  Especially in the cities, where finding a parking spot is next to impossible. Even if you somehow manage to find one, the prices can make your stomach drop. Read below to find out the most expensive U.S. cities for short-term parking, both in terms of on-street and off-street parking.

Expensive U.S. Cities for Short-Term Parking

Off-Street Parking

New York City, New York

Everyone knows that driving on the streets of New York can be challenging. Parking your car there is even more formidable. It’s one of the most expensive U.S. cities for short-term parking. For two hours of off-street parking in New York City, you have to shell out $37. In fact, per day off-street parking rates are the highest in the Big Apple, with an average price of $47.34. You would be doing yourself a favor by leaving your car parked on the street.

Chicago, Illinois

Even if you somehow manage to find an off-street parking spot in downtown Chicago, be prepared to shell out $21or $18 for two hours of parking. And $6.99 for two hours, in on-street parking, is not that cheap either. However, these exorbitant prices are limited only to the financial districts and downtown areas of the city. Cause the demand for parking in these localities is very high.

Boston, Massachusetts

Expensive parking in Boston isn’t limited to a few central areas, unlike Chicago. Low availability and high demand for parking spots drive up prices almost everywhere in the city. For two hours, you will have to pay $20.63 in off-street parking in most parts of the city. The difference between off-street parking and on-street parking prices in Boston is a whopping 488%. This difference is the second-highest in the country.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Philadelphia, the cost of two hours of off-street parking is $16.55, making Philadelphia the fourth most expensive city for parking in the country. And the price per month is $258.46, making it the sixth most expensive city.

Washington, DC

Tourist attractions such as the White House, Freedom Plaza, and Ford’s Theatre in the downtown area of Washington, DC, raise a high demand for parking spots. Since availability is scarce, prices are generally high, at around $16.33 for two hours of off-street parking. You might want to look for a parking spot on the street, as off-street parking is 249% higher than on-street parking.

Denver, Colorado

In Denver, parking your car on the street, right off the sidewalk, will only cost you $2.01 for two hours. However, the price of off-street parking is 542% higher, at $12.90 for two hours. This difference is the highest anywhere in the country.

On-Street Parking

Miami Beach, Florida

According to Parkopedia, Miami Beach is the only city where on-street parking is costlier than off-street parking. Parking your car on the streets of Miami Beach for two hours will cost you $7.42. The price of on-street parking in Miami Beach stands second to New York.

Seattle, Washington

There are many areas in downtown Seattle having a large number of parking spots available the parking spots keeps the prices in check. But in other areas, especially where demand for on-street parking is high, prices can go up to $6.35 for two hours.

Miami, Florida

As compared to Miami Beach, the on-street parking in Miami is cheaper. Parking is still more expensive in Miami than in most of the cities in the country. High availability keeps the price down in some areas, but high demand for on-street parking can cause prices to shoot up to $5.90 for two hours.

New Orleans, Louisiana

At $5.58 for two hours, the price for on-street parking in New Orleans is the sixth highest in the country. But as far as off-street parking is concerned, New Orleans is #28 on the list with $8.69 for two hours of off-street parking.

San Francisco, California, and Alcatraz Island are some popular tourist attractions in the city. The demand for on-street parking in Fisherman’s Wharf and San Francisco is very high. And because of limited availability, prices can go as high up as $5.33 for two hours of on-street parking.