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Hotel Parking- How Self-Driving Cars Will Change It3 min read

Sep 2, 2022 2 min
Hotel Parking

Hotel Parking- How Self-Driving Cars Will Change It3 min read

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Self-parking cars try to solve parking woes using automation. As self-parking cars become more popular, they will revolutionize parking as a whole and impact several sectors – including hospitality.

Here’s how self-parking cars will change the face of the hospitality industry.

How do hotels handle parking troubles?

Today, hotels have valet parking services to make parking easier for customers. Valet parking services provide several benefits to hotels too:

  • Increased parking capacity
  • Greater control over garage and parking lots
  • Better revenue during conference and meeting seasons
  • Safer hotel environment, and more.

Now, with self-parking cars becoming more commonplace, hotel parking is sure to take a hit. So here’s what you can expect.

  • Valet services will need to change

Given self-parking cars of the future will be able to locate and park themselves, the valet service could slowly phase out. This would mean a loss of revenue from valet parking linked services. However, other valet services like curbside pickup, airport pickup, taxi services, etc., will continue to thrive.

  • Safer, faster parking

Fully functional self-parking cars may not be available just yet, but with time, they will become more efficient and reduce parking time dramatically. Eventually, automated cars will be able to park themselves faster and safer than humans can. This means hotel parking will become a smoother experience that doesn’t require assistance.

  • The number of hotels with linked car parks may reduce

One of the biggest problems while traveling on the road is finding a parking spot. With self-parking vehicles, people will not have to worry about finding a parking bay because the car will find one in the vicinity and automatically park itself. So, hotels can go without an extensive parking lot and the space can be repurposed.

  • Parking will become more compact

With cars growing bigger every year and parking bay sizes remaining largely the same, parking safely has gotten more difficult. With self-parking cars entering the picture, you don’t need to perfect your parallel parking skills to squeeze your car in small places. Self-parking cars will drop you at the hotel entrance and park themselves safely. In fact, self-parking cars don’t require door opening space when parking – hotels could have dedicated compact unmanned parking zones with greater capacity in the future.

  • Roadside inns and motels may shut shop

Roadside inns have been a resting point for people traveling long distances by road. But self-parking vehicles and driverless vehicles may change that. Since driverless cars don’t require people to pay attention to the road, people can drive through the night without stopping at inns.


Self-driving cars will change parking as we know it, especially when used with smart parking solutions that automate other parking processes like payment. The hospitality industry can gear up to create an entirely automated parking process with the help of intuitive solutions like Get My Parking’s IoT platform, which comes with a custom-branded consumer app and a powerful admin dashboard designed to streamline the parking process. Our solutions have been successfully deployed with Automated Valet Parking (AVP) systems in a major airport in Europe.

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